SAP SD Training

SAP SD helps businesses manage the entire sales and distribution process, from taking the initial order to accepting payments and then delivering the goods or services. the SAP SD allows businesses to control such components as customer master data, sales orders, deliveries, pricing, billing and credit management.SAP SD also features subcomponents like sales support, empties management, foreign trade, indirect sales, shipping and transportation. SAP SD works together with the other SAP R/3 modules to provide seamless integration.

who should attend
sales and distribution personals, logistics people, business analysts, customer service/order management, outbound logistics managers and staff, IT support staff.

SAP SD Training in Noida

1. Introduction to SAP
2. Modules In SAP
3. Architecture & Landscape of SAP
4. Roles & Responsibility of consultant in Implementation Project
5. ASAP Methodology-Project Preparation Phase
6. ASAP Methodology-Business Blue Print Phase
7. ASAP Methodology-Realization Phase
8. SAP Testing & Test Cases
9. ASAP Methodology-Final Preparation Phase
10. ASAP Methodology–Go-Live & Support
12. Rollout Project Overview
13. Enterprise Structure
14. Customer Master Data
15. Material Master Data
16. Sale Documents
17. Sales Business Process
18. Sales Documents Controls (VOV8)
19. Item category Controls
20. Item categories determination
21. Schedule line Categories
22. Delivery Types
23. Billing Document Types
24. Pricing

Basic Functions

25. Free Goods Determination
26. Material Determination
27. Listing/ Execution
28. Cross Selling
29. Incompletion Log
30. Item Proposal
31. Revenue Account Determination
32. Reconciliation account determination
33. Cash Account Determination
34. Delivery Scheduling
35. Availability Check
36. Back Order Processing
37. Rescheduling
38. Transfer OF Requirements
39. Credit Management
40. Output Determination
41. Text Determination
42. Copy Controls

SAP SD Business Processes

43. Standard Business Process Consignment Process
44. Third Party Business Process
45. Individual purchases order process (IPO)
46. Make To Order Process
47. Stock Transport Order (STO)
48. STO Returns Process
49. Inter Company STO Process
50. Inter Company Sales &Billing

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